My big fat money back guarantee

30th June 2016

Whether you’ve been reading these emails for a while now Or indeed if you’re a Rossell Fitness newbie (welcome!) I wanted to give you the opportunity to join one of my upcoming courses Being on this email list gives you priority access to a place in the course We are kicking off on 18th July […]

Get the body that you deserve

I don’t want to wear a bikini

29th June 2016

‘Get in shape for summer’ ‘Sculpt that bikini body’ These are just some of the things that you see cropping up around this time As we all begin the panic that comes along with wearing a bikini on holiday The thing is… I don’t want to wear a bikini I don’t strut around at home […]


You can’t edit real life

28th June 2016

When you are queuing in the newspaper shop Or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist Those glossy mags sort of call out to you One piqued my interest the other day; I generally try to stay away from popular culture Bikini diets, magic weight loss solutions and the like I flipped through just […]


This will work for you

27th June 2016

We all know that one person who lives the life that they love And we all feel super jealous that they can eat what they want And essentially do what they want and still remain healthy and happy! My granddad is one of those people He turned 87 last week He smokes 2 cigarettes every […]


We all have the same challenges

26th June 2016

Ahead of Wimbledon on Monday I caught some of another tournament on TV, Eastbourne It was a ladies match featuring the British #1 Konta I tuned in and caught a conversation between Konta and her coach She was having a bit of a crisis of confidence She was doubting her abilities and having a bit […]

Brick wall

Battle of the bitches

25th June 2016

Did you see Game of Thrones last Monday? OH MY GOD Never has there been a better episode in all the series so far It was the battle of the bastards between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton Jon Snow being the hero character who has honour, valour and love for his family Ramsay being the […]


Weight loss is as easy as A B C

24th June 2016

If you’re over weight And you want to change that… What is stopping you? If it’s anything like the weight loss gurus would have you believe… weight loss is easy right…? It’s simply getting the balance right between what you put into your body…and what you burn off…? Have you heard that before? Anyone who […]


No one in their right mind would pay for a personal trainer

23rd June 2016

A had a interesting chat with a fellow personal trainer yesterday He came up against some resistance from someone who didn’t see the value in hiring a personal trainer She claimed that This, by the way, was someone who asked for his help in the gym And applied for a personal training consultation with him… […]

Check, tick list

Did you know these shocking facts?

22nd June 2016

Did you know these shocking facts? 27million people were on a diet in 2012 Only 16% of people joining slimming clubs succeed in reaching their goals Within 2 years 80% of dieters will have put the weight back on Have you been on a diet? How did it go for you? IF you dieted AND […]


I do not cut corners when I work with women

21st June 2016

Soooo it was the first day of summer yesterday Can you quite believe it? Not least because the rain poured from the sky….again But also because I bet you’re thinking where on earth has the time gone? The time has flown since you made your new year’s resolution hasn’t it? The resolution to be healthier, […]