Check, tick list

Rules schmules, for weight loss

31st May 2016

Have you ever set a goal and then completely fallen at the first hurdle? I used to do that all of the time I used to create lists and stick them on the wall Nicola you are not allowed… Chocolate Sweets Cereals Crisps Cake Biscuits….. I was in complete denial about my eating issues I […]

Strategy, coaching phone call

Don’t just take my word for it

29th May 2016

As promised here are the rest of the benefits that you can get from completing my courses If you missed yesterdays email I outlined the first 7 AND I explained my whopping 100% money back guarantee You will love your food because nothing is banned, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? I do […]


Don’t be that person who chooses not to ask for help

27th May 2016

Have you ever had one of those mornings where your resolve to be a healthy functioning individual is severely tested? When you are trying to lose weight or better yourself…. do you get triggered to fall off the wagon by small events? I had one of those moments yesterday morning I made breakfast for Elliot […]


Can you make me a food plan?

26th May 2016

I get this question occasionally from my clients You see I don’t plan my clients’ meals for them I teach them HOW to do it themselves The reason being…. I don’t expect my clients to pay me forever!!! Sure I could plan every meal for them which would make it easier But just how useful […]


The biggest weight loss challenge

25th May 2016

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone trying to lose weight is your habits You are the way you are because you are comfy You have built a lifestyle and live in a certain way because it’s easy And you’re used to it Have you ever tried writing with your non dominant hand? It looks […]

Cycling news

It’s the taking part that counts

24th May 2016

I assume you’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts’ Never has this been so well highlighted in my life as by my dad on Sunday My dad takes part in ironman triathlon If you’ve never heard of it before You swim a long way in the sea – […]

Check, tick list

Thou shalt not fail

22nd May 2016

Sunday night so I’ll keep it short and sweet Have you set yourself up for the week? If you are not sure what to do start with these 3 tips Plan your meals so that you can plan your shopping list Set some weekly targets that you think will be do-able over 7 days Break […]


Freedom from dieting

21st May 2016

I had the privilege and honour of attending my best friends’ army family day Its mid way between basic training and pass out parade And they were all ready for a short break after 7 hard weeks of drills, sleeping in the dirt on exercise, hard PT in the gym and general sleep deprivation The […]


Feeling stuck in a rut

20th May 2016

What are your barriers? Time Money Kids Other family Facilities Motivation Equipment Education Work Other hobbies Injury Illness Sleep Stress Food   I just want you to be aware of everything that can get in your way when it comes to weight loss and health…. Because we can end up using them as excuses not […]


The strength of the wolf is in the pack

19th May 2016

Have you seen the new captain America civil war movie? All hell breaks loose It’s a seriously good movie Funny and charming as well as totally badass Basically Bucky the winter soldier (who can be controlled by anyone who knows the mind trick) is accused of doing some really bad stuff He ends up totally […]