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FAQ part III calories, fat and coaching

19th April 2016

Back by popular demand: FAQ part III Thanks for your questions! Are total calories the only thing that matter? No, calories give us a good guide to what you body can tolerate and tracking these over a short period of time can be useful so that we can see how your body changes when we […]


‘You’re not allowed to eat that’

18th April 2016

Do you ever get other people commenting on your food or lifestyle choices? I do Almost every day It’s better now that I work for myself But when I worked in an office there were comments all of the time ‘Why are you eating that?’ ‘That looks like rabbit food’ Or worse ‘You’re not allowed […]


FAQ part II – busta myth

17th April 2016

FAQ part 2 Diving straight into these today Pay attention And I do invite you to ask questions if you are not sure about my answers Remember these are my opinions ONLY (Formed over 4 years of studying and 4 years of coaching) Q1…lets commence Do I need to do high intensity cardio every day? […]


I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours

16th April 2016

I said I was carrying on my 2 part series about FAQs today Which I will I always fulfil my promises But I wanted to tell you a quick story first One of my clients is in her 60s She has been trying to lose weight for many years And it’s only recently in the […]

bowl of food

FAQ – ladies pay attention

15th April 2016

I get asked a tonne of questions from clients, friends and strangers It seems like you’re all confused about how many different ideas there are for weight loss I do not blame you You read this magazine and it tells you one thing You scroll through facebook and it tells you something else Your friends […]

Get the body that you deserve

I don’t want a summer body

14th April 2016

I’ve noticed recently that the summer bodies advertising is starting to creep out This is a trend in the health and fitness industry We know that you want to be in shape for summer So that you can feel more confident wearing bikinis and dresses Personal trainers and coaches will tell you they have the […]

Challenge your direction

You want more

13th April 2016

I was watching house the other day [I am literally addicted] And it’s finally happening…. Spoiler alert After 6 seasons and 22 episodes He is finally behaving in a way that will get him what he wants Each season represents a year So he spent nearly 7 years pushing away the people that loved him […]


Calling all serial dieters

12th April 2016

For years I watched my mum and dad diet Atkins Low carbs Ketogenic Slim fast They did loads I wasn’t aware of what they were doing at the time It’s only retrospectively that I understand what they were doing Or at least, what they were trying to do Ask around the people that you know […]


Cravings, chocolate and the solution!

11th April 2016

Do you ever get cravings? Me too! Sometimes you get that taste or texture that you are just jonesing for To be honest mine is usually chocolate Yesterday it was chocolate orange! Well I found this great article that I think you might find really useful It’s super easy to follow and easy to […]


Obstacle racing, exercise and how to fall in love!

10th April 2016

Yesterday I went to support some friends in The Reaper Obstacle course race If you’re unfamiliar with obstacle racing It’s essentially putting about 40 giant obstacles in the way of the poor people trying to run the course There were some brilliant ones yesterday I was totally impressed And the guys and girls running the […]