Learning from my mistakes

29th April 2016

Recently there was a movie called American Sniper Based on a true story A Texas cowboy enlisted and become one of the most successful snipers in history The movie is very good; I seriously recommend you check it out But what struck me most was something he said to his new love interest She was […]


I put my foot in it

28th April 2016

I put my foot in it I went out for a long walk the other night There is a lovely park just down the road so I usually head down about 3 times per week Get some fresh air And walk without seeing a car or another person It’s my ME time And it’s important […]

Challenge your direction

You cannot force progress and change

27th April 2016

I attended the Fitter Food seminar this weekend And aside from being interesting and fun It’s lit the fire back up in my belly to learn again I’ve been struck with literally tonnes of ideas since I got home And I’m excited It’s been a while since I felt excited about learning The biggest thing […]

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How much will you regret?

26th April 2016

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Ghost’ before? It’s a classic And if you’re anything like me, it will reduce you to tears! I’m a sappy sausage The premise of the movie is essentially that you should take the opportunity to say ‘I love you’ before it’s too late Because let’s face it…we’re not coming […]


The exception to the rule

25th April 2016

The exception to the rule My dad got his health check done this week And apparently he is as healthy as a horse! I can scarcely believe it He doesn’t have the healthiest approach to nutrition BUT to give him his due he is VERY physically active! It got me thinking about how I advise […]


This is why diets do not work

24th April 2016

I watched the finale of House the other day *spoiler alert* He dies Then in a dramatic twist it turns out he has faked his own death to avoid going to prison So that he can spend the next 5 months with his terminally ill best friend Showing once and for all that he can […]


Ladies transformation course kicks off

23rd April 2016

We kicked off the ladies transformation this week 10 ladies super keen to change their health status To feel more confident And to work on their bodies, minds and lifestyles to create something great Not only do I promise to help you change your life But I also offer a money back guarantee Because I […]

junk food

Your habits are a hindrance

22nd April 2016

My clients often exclaim about my ability to recall random facts about their lives Now I don’t know how the brain works exactly But I am pretty good at remembering random things… So why is that I regularly forget to take my underwear when I go swimming TMI? Well you should be used to my […]

Check, tick list

Who do I recommend?

21st April 2016

I am always looking for ways to serve you better I want to make sure that you are getting the best information so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to your health, fitness and training I have compiled a list of people that I recommend following They give out tonnes of […]


FAQ part IV

20th April 2016

Do I have to match my calorie expenditure to my calorie intake? This is a common belief that I see playing out in the gym a lot, staying on the treadmill and pounding it out until you have burned ‘x’ calories so that you can eat ‘x’ amount of calories. Firstly your body needs calories […]