The best thing about being over weight

31st March 2016

I got my wrist injected today with steroids It’s been a pain for about a year It finally got too much recently And I took action because it was starting to affect other areas of my life It was getting me down It made me snappy towards my boyfriend when he accidentally pulled my hand […]

Get the body that you deserve

Results guaranteed OR your money back

30th March 2016

Over Easter we totally slobbed out Sure we went ice skating and climbing and walking But we spent an awful amount of time slobbed out on the sofa watching crap Easter TV Kinda like xmas but the films aren’t as good RIGHT! We ended up watching ‘Blades of Glory’ If you haven’t seen it I’ll […]


Benefits of 12 week transformation

29th March 2016

Here is a testimonials that says more than I could ever say about the benefits of joining my 12 week programme If it’s not for you, these emails won’t help you so you can unsubscribe at the bottom Mandeep -> ‘Before I started working with Nicola I felt physically and mentally weak and was not […]


I fell on my ass

28th March 2016

We went ice skating over the bank holiday weekend I have that infliction where I think I’m a pro after about 30minutes of wobbling around I start getting cocky Spinning and trying to skate backwards A lifetime of being pretty good at most sports Has given me that (false) go ahead to think I can […]


Easter message from a reformed choc-a-holic

27th March 2016

Easter Sunday Happy chocolate day to you Do you know what I used to do every Easter? I used to eat chocolate until it made me sick I’d done this every year that I can remember I just binge ate my Easter eggs I had no control My friends had their Easter delights for weeks […]


From fit, to fat to fit again, I’m just like you!

25th March 2016

I got a great response from yesterdays email Turns out a tonne of you that read these emails feel the same way Almost like we’ve had the same struggles Almost like I understand what you are going through The thing is just because I am a coach doesn’t mean I am superwoman I find things […]


The devil is in the dose

24th March 2016

Have you been following the Divergent series? I love the cinema and I love fiction There is something great about losing yourself in a story for a couple of hours A great movie will even help you ignore the nacho crunching Hot dog munching crowd around you Blissful ignorance whilst you watch engrossed as the […]

junk food

The pain of being fat got too much

23rd March 2016

I’ve been doing an experiment on myself recently For about a year I used myfitnesspal to log my food To make sure that I was getting enough of each food group To suit my goals for health and performance A month ago I stopped logging Just to see what would happen And it all descended […]


My first 1* negative review

22nd March 2016

I had my first unhappy customer the other day Lady went on a rampage She sent me messages And left me a negative review on facebook Her problem with me was that I wouldn’t accept an expired voucher Make of that what you will Do you eat expired food? Does the cinema accept movie tickets […]


Magic pills, potions and unicorns

21st March 2016

If you’re looking for a magic pill to solve all of your weight loss problems My courses are not going to be for you I do not advocate diets, pills or potions I do not advocate severe caloric restriction I do not advocate cutting out entire food groups in the pursuit of weight loss I […]