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What do you care about more than being slim?

19th February 2016

I was watching the ‘ask gary vee’ show the other day This guy is an extremely successful entrepreneur and he has his own tv show where he answers questions from the public about life and business I tend to tune in over breakfast to get my daily fix of motivation He got asked the question […]

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Dieting and weight gain problems (part 2)

18th February 2016

This is part 2 of my series where I answer the question ‘why do I always put weight back on when I stop dieting?’ Yesterday I discussed what a caloric deficit looks like and why it might not be helping you to lose weight long term If you didn’t catch that one you can find […]

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Why am I heavier after my diet (part 1)

17th February 2016

This was a brilliant question from one of my ladies this week She asked me ‘why do I always put weight back on when I stop dieting?’ She has been on diet after diet and she feels frustrated and angry that she cannot maintain the weight loss The thing is that when you go on […]


You snooze, you lose

16th February 2016

I had a customer complain the other day that my availability calender for massage was misleading There are no slots available she moaned… The problem is that I am fully booked for massages Like rammed for the next 3-5 weeks The thing is that there is always that one person who wants to be the […]


Looking in the mirror and feeling frustration

15th February 2016

I took Elliot to the cinema for valentines day It wasn’t the most romantic film but it was what he wanted Deadpool – have you heard of it? Unless you are a marvel comic book geek Or have a kiddo that is… You probably won’t have heard of it It’s about this chap who works […]

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Happy valentines day

14th February 2016

Happy valentine’s day I won’t take up too much of your time today I hope that you have something nice planned with your loved ones Have you ever seen the film valentines day? It’s a bit like Love Actually where there are lots of different story lines crossing over The main chappie, Ashton Kutcher proposes […]


Can you accept that you might have limitations?

13th February 2016

There is a huge media culture that tells us that we can have the body of our dreams One quick google search today brought up ridiculous concepts like 10 days to a celebrity body I guess it depends on which celebrity you are going for huh That was a joke! ‘10 days to anything’ is […]


Top 10 tips for eating out

12th February 2016

It’s getting dangerously close to valentine’s day Do you have any romantic plans? Before you get all 50 shades on me – keep it PG ;-) If you’re going out for the typical valentine’s romantic meal I wanted to give you a few tips I don’t usually go down the route of tips Because to […]


Have you let things slide, again?

11th February 2016

Last night I went to watch the strictly live tour It was A-MAY-ZING as Craig would say The thing that struck me most was how much of an improvement these novice dancers have made in a relatively short amount of time It was a truly spectacular performance Some of the dancers were from the 2014 […]

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Will you ever be able to stop dieting?

10th February 2016

I was asked a cracking question the other day I thought id share it with you because I think it will help you to understand why I put so much energy into working on my clients’ mindset The question was ‘will I ever get out of this cycle of yo yo dieting, I feel like […]