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Is this stopping you from losing weight?

29th February 2016

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I recently discovered that I am an introvert And that it means something different to what I thought originally I thought that extroverts are loud outgoing confident people And introverts are quiet shy and retiring people So I never really classed myself as an introvert before because I’m […]

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The easiest way to get what you want

28th February 2016

Part of getting the body that you want is taking some time to prepare your week You can’t expect to make progress towards your goals If you cannot be bothered to spend 30minutes on a Sunday afternoon planning your schedule If you don’t plan, you’ll get into a rut really quickly You’ll get into the […]


How will your story end?

27th February 2016

Are you a curious person? I got a text message from my mum the other day She told me that she couldn’t help herself, she’d flipped ahead in the book I leant her And found out that the main character dies She was mortified and it affected the rest of the book for her But […]


I can’t do what I want, but I do what I can

26th February 2016

Do you ever wake up and feel like you just can’t be bothered? That happened to me yesterday morning The old ‘can’t I just stay in bed’? The thing is I’m a bit beaten up at the moment I can’t do a lot of things I enjoy doing I have a tendon tear in my […]


It will feel hard at first

25th February 2016

We’ve all been there right? We spiral into eating junk and being a lazy slob And we sedate for a while because the temporary sugar buzz is better than the constant misery… We comfort, because that’s what we’ve learned to do! When bad stuff happens Naturally you want to make yourself feel better You are […]


Do you give into your cravings?

24th February 2016

Do you give into your cravings? This is not a trick question! I certainly do This week I was craving peanut butter I don’t even usually like peanut butter I much prefer almond or cashew But the body wants what the body wants So I had some And it was great! Lots of trainers will […]


I was humilated

23rd February 2016

It is rare in my life that I feel stupid I’ve had a pretty good education And I’m relatively self-aware So I do ok and can usually hold my own Never did I think that I would be humiliated watching Take Me Out Sometimes in the evening we like to channel hop Just for 10 […]


Who do you think you are kidding?

22nd February 2016

We went to watch the time honoured Dad’s Army yesterday If you’ve not seen it yet cover your eyes for this bit #spoilerAlert The rag tag band of soldiers in the home guard takes responsibility for guarding the coastal path at Dover With the usual series of mishaps and misadventures They unknowingly expose one of […]

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The perfect client and what she does

21st February 2016

Yesterday I shared with you a message from one of my clients, Jen I thought that it might be useful for you if I shared with you what Jen did to get the body that she wanted Jen followed my simple steps Eat more vegetables (aiming for 5-7 portions per day) Drink more water (aiming […]

Challenge your direction

I know that you are scared

20th February 2016

‘Having put on weight over the winter I was left feeling like I was just making life harder for myself carrying an extra 5kg than I needed. I’m actually proud of myself for realising how much better I can look after myself! I feel in control! I feel happy, positive, proud of myself, fit and […]