I’m ready and waiting for you

31st January 2016

It’s the end of January Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? I imagine you set some goals at the beginning of Jan Perhaps a new year resolution or two? Did you keep them? Are you still going strong? I set myself a goal to learn how to dance I found an amazing […]


The story that we tell ourselves

30th January 2016

When you were a kid were you afraid of monsters under the bed? I was In fact, even now I don’t like hanging my feet over the edge Just in case you know! (Yeah yeah I am a 26 year old scaredy cat!) What was it about the stories that our parents read to us… […]


The raw truth about Nicola

29th January 2016

The raw truth about Nicola I used to be an emotional binge eater for 18 years I cry at movies, the happy and sad ones Sometimes I cry for no reason But I don’t eat piles of chocolate any more when I do this! I love to just lie down and watch Netflix, I could […]

Challenge your direction

Are you the master of your own pain?

28th January 2016

I treat a lot of people who are in pain every day Deep tissue massage tends to attract people who need deep tissue work Sports injuries, chronic back ache etc You get the idea I give them their massage And I usually take the time to explain to them about posture and show them a […]


I will not bonk

27th January 2016

What does the word bonk mean to you? There is a brand in triathlon called bonk In this context it means ‘to run out of energy’ I am aware however that it does have another meaning outside of triathlon I was wearing a t-shirt the other day whilst doing some sports massages The t-shirt had […]


Look here if you are feeling lost with health!

26th January 2016

One of my clients made me chuckle the other day She referred to ‘goblet squats’ as ‘goblin squats’ It really tickled me But it also made me think This health and fitness and nutrition business I am surrounded by it all of the time My social media stream is full of the right information Because […]


I can see through your facade

25th January 2016

Why don’t you have the body that you deserve? You want it don’t you? I mean you tell everyone that you want to lose weight You buy the magazines that show you how You read these emails where I give you the very tools that you need I offer to help you every day I […]


Re-purpose your sloppy sunday’s

24th January 2016

Some people consider Sunday to be the day of rest After a hard week at work And Saturday usually spent being a bit hung over from Friday Taking the kids to football practise or swimming Sunday arrives and you veg out right It’s a habit You’ve been doing it for years The most exercise you […]


The painful reality of staying the same

23rd January 2016

One of my best friends got accepted into the army this week He’s going to be an ammunition technician It’s a really cool job And something that he has been working towards for the last 8 years or so He deliberated back and forth over and over again Debating the positives and negatives of the […]


Are you wasting your energy?

22nd January 2016

I was at the swimming pool and this sweet old man came up to me He asked me to rub cream onto his back because he couldn’t reach A few years ago I would have freaked out I didn’t like touching people I know that’s totally weird But I didn’t like touching people’s bare skin […]