Everyone else will be dieting and hating life

31st December 2015

Good morning sunshine I bet you’re thinking about the diet you have to start tomorrow And probably the hangover that you will have throbbing in your temples! Cause it’s what you do every year right? It is my New Year wish that you consider a different way of doing things Hear me out I’m going […]


Powerful lessons from a 4 year old

30th December 2015

I spent some time with my beautiful little cousin over xmas She is 4 and she is simply gorgeous Kids are so sweet at that age They don’t have any hang ups about their bodies She still believes she is a beautiful princess because no one has told her that she isn’t And I hope […]


You do not have to sacrifice the foods that you love to eat

29th December 2015

The best thing about travelling is new experiences Especially new food, for a foodie like me venice is fab Although I’m not a pasta lover I am definitely a pizza kinda gal What is your vice? Do you have one? Are you more of a sweet tooth or savoury tooth? I couldn’t imagine travelling to […]


Get the body that you deserve or your money back!

28th December 2015

I should have mentioned that I will be out of internet range for a week I am checking out PROPERLY whilst I have my break I’ll be doing a lot of reading And absorbing the beautiful experience that is Venice But NO work stuff So if you email me Or try to phone me You’ll […]


If you’re unhappy with your body, read this blog post

27th December 2015

As you’re reading this I am on a plane Yes I’m off on my winter break to Venice Before you start with the… ‘Think of us whilst you’re sunning yourself’ Venice is cold in the winter just like England So it’s not bikinis in my luggage But jumpers and coats and thermals! I hope you […]

junk food

I overcame emotional binge eating, you can too

26th December 2015

The morning after the night before… Are you feeling a bit worse for wear? Jeans feeling a bit tight? Waistline filling out Who stuffed themselves like a turkey yesterday? It’s ok to admit it We give ourselves some sort of weird permission on xmas day to glut ourselves To the point where even changing the […]


Barely contained excitement for xmas

24th December 2015

One more sleep until Santa comes This is what I tell my 4 year old cousin anyway Don’t you wish you were still at that adorable age? Where Santa is real and the excitement of waking up to find presents is barely contained Nowadays I just think about how many presents I’ve had to wrap […]

How to survive the xmas party

23rd December 2015

Last night it was my partners xmas party We went for a gorgeous meal at the 1573 grill in Leicester Delicious food, really stunning, especially that steak nommmmm More often than not we can panic about events and eating out Especially at this time of year When there is so much delicious and decadent food […]

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The pain of staying the same

22nd December 2015

My dad and I entered the swimathon yesterday To swim 5km Which is 200lengths I’ve done it before It was so boring!!! So why am I doing it again? It’s not to raise money particularly It’s not to feel good about myself It’s because I need a target to work towards And swimming is the […]


Transformation course comes to a successful end

21st December 2015

My ladies only 12 week transformation course just finished They made some stunning progress Lifting heavier weights Feeling fitter Losing more weight And inches each week And feeling healthier, happier and more confident with their bodies They are all raring to join my advanced course that is starting in January They didn’t always feel motivated […]