When you look in the mirror what do you see?

30th November 2015

I love to overhear conversations between my ladies who lift It gives me some great juice for these emails One of my ladies, let’s call her Emma Spent 5 whole minutes bashing her body She absolutely hates her arms and how they look in photos Emma is tiny She is a size 8-10 and looks […]


I want to give you more, here’s how to get involved

29th November 2015

Greetings friend   Did you know that today it is ‘national electronic greetings day?’ I don’t make these things up I swear! This is a testimony to how far we’ve come I think We now celebrate electronic greetings I’d be much happier if people just looked up from their phones for a few seconds and […]

Sweet treat cupcake icon

Try and take away my pudding and I’ll bite your face off!

28th November 2015

Are you plagued by guilt when you eat out? Yesterday evening Elliot said to me ‘You need to make me feel guilty about going to Greggs’ Turns out the little rascal goes once a day for breakfast or lunch Or sometimes for both I don’t have anything against Greggs In fact I was walking past […]

Check, tick list

Discover how to get over crappy things that happen

27th November 2015

It was thanksgiving yesterday What a wonderful concept Do you have 2 minutes to think about the things you are grateful for? Every evening I grab my note book And I write down ALL of the things that I am grateful for that happened in the day This takes me between 2 and 10 minutes depending […]

Cold, snowflake, winter

Christmas gift ideas for all of your friends!

26th November 2015

Its one month until Christmas I got officially excited this morning and started thinking about PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!! I thought about it and figured that you might like to know what I would buy my friends and family Do I buy them Cadbury selection boxes? And smelly bath salts I like to be a bit different…. And […]

Brick wall

We all have the same struggles, yes, even you!

25th November 2015

We all have the same struggles Yes I do really believe this No matter what happens to us day to day We all struggle with the same things I don’t say this to be controversial Or to down play your struggles Which may or may not be monumental Let me explain more I don’t deny […]

Sweet treat cupcake icon

Can you honestly imagine going the rest of your life without cake?

24th November 2015

I’ve been super tuned into strictly come dancing this year I’m utterly mesmerised by the beauty and grace of dancing I’ve even started watching ‘it takes two’ on bbc2 with Zoe Ball Getting the insider gossip <- that’s when you know you’ve got it bad! The other day Zoe said something that irked me But […]

Get the body that you deserve

I talk about drastic weight loss

23rd November 2015

I’ve been inundated with requests for methods and tricks to get in shape for Christmas parties The thing is this is exactly the same scenario as getting into shape for the summer So long term readers of my emails Will know what I am going to say, but hang in there anyway ok! The reality… […]

Learning and education

I talk about how I invest in knowledge

22nd November 2015

I invest a lot of money into my continued education as a coach There is a minefield of information out there to navigate Sometimes it gets confusing So I invest in someone to teach me how to make it simple And HOW to extract the relevant information out of the befuddling mess of science and […]

Blogs about good ideas

I talk about weekend plans and I question you

21st November 2015

Yellooooooo Its Saturday morning I hope you have plans to relax a bit Do some exercise and get hot and sweaty And consume some tasty food They are my plans anyway! Weekends are great aren’t they So I’m not going to encroach on yours any more today Super quick email I’m looking for your feedback […]