I talk Halloween, pumpkin soup and 2 weeks to a hot bod

31st October 2015

It’s 31st October -> Halloween!!!! Are you going trick or treating with your kids Or are you just a big kid yourself dressing up and spooking every one? I’ll be carving a pumpkin I always leave it too late to get one though Bad planning <- slap on the wrist Last year we ended up […]

Sweet treat cupcake icon

I talk about the festive period and food

30th October 2015

It’s coming up to my favourite time of year Halloween is just super fun right? Bonfire night has a certain beauty that I just love [not a pyromaniac I swear!] My birthday is just after that [presents welcome hint hint] Then the run down to Christmas It’s an exciting time of year And full of […]

Challenge your direction

I talk more about lies, barriers and strategies

29th October 2015

I want to cover part of yesterdays email in more detail Again I got a bunch of unsubscribes Apparently it got too close to the bone for some ladies Today I intend to discuss with you… And I used the word discuss because I invite you to comment and discuss this with me via email… […]


I talk about the lies that we tell ourselves

28th October 2015

Yesterdays email was pretty bad ass It caused a tonne of unsubscribes Hallelujah If you are offended by the truth There is no point in sticking around Because you’ll just keep getting your panties in a twist Every time you get one of my emails If you like my particular brand of truth telling Then […]

Strategy, coaching phone call

I talk ignorance and my screening process

27th October 2015

I don’t ask for much from you I enjoy writing emails to you each day And providing you with value And things that you can take away from my emails To apply and learn from I know that my emails have helped hundreds of women To make small changes to their bodies and mindset And […]

Challenge your direction

I talk about bias, developing your own methods and becoming a sheep

26th October 2015

I write to you every day With, to the best of my knowledge Up to date and relevant content With a bit of a giggle thrown in every now and again And abundant lessons that you can relate to and learn from But what we must bear in mind is that Everything that I have […]


I talk about the secrets to weight loss success

25th October 2015

The clocks went back this morning Did it catch you out? There is usually some poor soul waiting at the gym for me at 8am With furious eyes after being there since 7am Until they realise their mistake I don’t laugh at them of course…. It was pretty lucky for me this time around I […]


I talk periods, energy and relaxing me time

24th October 2015

This week I’ve done 12 massages Holy smokes! We decided to convert one of the offices at the gym Into a sport massage studio and to get the ball rolling I did a groupon promotion And they flooded in Fully booked my time up And I’ve had a blast I get a real kick out […]

Blogs about good ideas

I talk about losing inches and progress being unpredictable

23rd October 2015

I got a message from a lady the other day, Danielle I like to share these things with you Because I know you can relate I keep identities private of course Your security is important to me But every so often a question or comment crops up That I know many more of you can […]

Winding road

I talk about diets, embracing change and gratitude

22nd October 2015

In my Ditch the Diet group last night We got talking about self talk And how the ladies were feeling uncomfortable about completing a gratitude log Because they felt silly doing it They haven’t embraced the concept yet So they won’t see the benefits But that’s ok Ditch the diet is a journey The best […]