I talk about long term vs short term results

20th September 2015

‘I got jealous of slimming world’ One of my DTD ladies told me that she was jealous of her brother because he is losing loads of weight with slimming world This is a lady who has tried slimming world before And has rebounded back up Bigger than she was Because she found it un-sustainable She […]

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I talk about binge eating and a new strategy

19th September 2015

Did you know that yesterday was ‘national cheeseburger day’? And today is ‘national butterscotch pudding day’ Do you have any plans to celebrate? I thought not I don’t know many butterscotch pudding enthusiasts I do love a good cheeseburger though Is there any food that you like that you don’t allow yourself to eat? Are […]

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I talk about honest evaluation

18th September 2015

Every week I send out a questionnaire to my clients It asks them stuff about their week It’s really for their own benefit So they can identify what they need to do As well as allowing me to see what they need to work on each week I know without a doubt who is going […]


I talk about fire and telling the truth

17th September 2015

Today is going to be about fire Are you surrounded by people who fire you up? Who are on the same wavelength as you? Or are on the one that one want to be on? There is a saying and it goes something like this ‘You are the sum of the 5 people you spend […]


I talk psychology and the hierarchy of needs

16th September 2015

I’m going to get down and dirty in some science today The science of psychology wooooooo This particular branch of science Was one that I disdained for many years Haughtily claiming superiority over all of my friends Who chose to do psychology for the A level I chose ‘actual sciences’ like chemistry and biology to […]

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I talk about Challenge Weymouth and barriers

15th September 2015

I’ve been down in Weymouth over the weekend Supporting my dad, uncle and a couple of friends in the Ironman For those who don’t know An ironman consists of 3.8km swim, 180km bike and then a marathon Why on earth, you might be thinking, would anyone want to do that??? It’s always a long day […]


I talk about daily email and trust

14th September 2015

You might be wondering why I email you EVERY DAY I’m here in your inbox at 6am every morning without fail It’s because consistency breeds results Like nothing else I’ve ever seen If you don’t like hearing from me every day Then we won’t be a good fit to work together Period If you’re not […]

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I give you the tools for success and fulfilment

13th September 2015

Yesterday I talked about the process of change And how we go from the throes of uninformed optimism Where we feel motivated and positive about change We are raring to go and we can see nothing but benefit After a short period we begin to experience ‘informed pessimism’ Where we realise that the changes that […]


I talk about the valley of despair

12th September 2015

Let’s be honest now Are you riding an emotional roller coaster? Considering making changes in your life is emotional And in my experience personally and with working with ladies who need to change aspects of their lifestyle It has its ups and downs right? I found a super chart that really exhibits the process I’ll […]

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I talk about false promises and clever marketing scams

11th September 2015

If it sounds too good to be true Right ladies…. I am selling a 6 week plan Where you lose fat by the kilo Bish bash bosh it just drops off easy peasy!! Expect to weigh 5kg less in just 2 weeks And drop 3 dress sizes in the process Are you in???? … Ok […]