I talk about time and perfection

30th September 2015

‘The time isn’t right’ I hear this A LOT from my tribe I didn’t lose weight because the time wasn’t right I chose not to act because the time wasn’t right It doesn’t feel like I know enough so I can’t move forwards I don’t have the confidence to do it so I’m staying as […]


I talk transformation and application

29th September 2015

Today marks the beginning of 12 weeks of intensive fitness and nutrition training For the lucky ladies who signed up to take part in the Beautiful Body Transformation I’ll be taking them on a journey over the next 12 weeks And sharing with you The kind of success that we can achieve in 12 weeks […]

Winding road

I talk about punctures, health and simple first steps

28th September 2015

What goes around comes around I think this is a true statement to an extent And it was evidenced to me in a humorous way yesterday Elliot and I took a bike trip around Rutland Water for his birthday I’d highly recommend it to anyone It was great fun and a good workout NB reading […]

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I ask ‘are we being screwed by the health industry?’

27th September 2015

Has anyone else’s house been overrun by spiders I can’t even pretend to be brave I just hate them The way they move It’s all sinister like There have been some monster spiders crawling about in my house this year So much bigger than last year It’s totally freaking me out Last night there were […]

Blogs about good ideas

I talk about doing a detox and mistakes

26th September 2015

Yesterday was national ‘one hit wonder’ day Which got me thinking about how often we try things that we think are going to be sustainable But they just end up being like the one hit wonders that we all know and love The teletubbies, the kumars and sam and the womp being the first few […]


I talk about progress and my flagship programme

25th September 2015

Rarely is progress linear I am constantly amazed when I hear ladies exclaim to be a failure because they didn’t lose a lb this week Progress is more like a squiggle – it goes in all directions It’s perhaps a failing of coaches like me to explain how this weight loss jazz actually works So […]

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I talk about taking control of your body and health

24th September 2015

It’s hard to beat someone who refuses to quit Do you have that ‘never say die attitude?’ It’s quite rare nowadays I’ve noticed We have more of an ‘I’ll start again on Monday’ attitude ‘But it’s only Tuesday’ ‘Yeahhhhhh but I’ve got a birthday party and a leaving party and office cake’ Imagine if there […]

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I talk about transforming your body and health

22nd September 2015

When we are holding a bit of extra weight Knowing that we are not in our best health We are really good at telling ourselves that it’s all going to be ok Well realistically it might be… OR you might develop one of the now COMMON obesity related diseases For example… Diabetes affects 3.9 million […]

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I reiterate about the basics

After my rant of somewhat epic proportions yesterday I felt that it might be useful for you For me to outline what those basics that I talk about involve As a good friend of mine said to me [Who has raced at elite level as a professional triathlete] ‘If you get the basics right you’re […]

Get the body that you deserve

I talk about unhealthy body image bashing

21st September 2015

I caught a bit of loose women the other day They were talking about models And of the scant amount I actually heard them say The general theme seemed to be that they were vilifying the ‘skinny’ models for being unhealthy [Granted perhaps I was listening out of context] But it sounded to me like […]