I talk psychology and the hierarchy of needs

16th September 2015

I’m going to get down and dirty in some science today The science of psychology wooooooo This particular branch of science Was one that I disdained for many years Haughtily claiming superiority over all of my friends Who chose to do psychology for the A level I chose ‘actual sciences’ like chemistry and biology to […]

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I talk about the devil being in the dose

4th September 2015

It’s happened again I’ve been hooked in by the Great British Bake Off Some of the creations that I’ve seen this season are utterly phenomenal Have you been watching? This week they were tasked with making a cake without sugar I’ve tried this before and I have to admit Whilst I’m no top amateur baker […]

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I talk about getting the body that you deserve

1st September 2015

I talked about Mo Farah yesterday And how we mere mortals should mirror his approach to lifestyle In order to get the best results for our bodies and health The heights of the Mo Farah’s of the world May seem unreachable right now But they all had to start somewhere, those athletes, those models Anyone […]