Get the body that you deserve

I talk Mo Farah and how to get the body you want

31st August 2015

Have you been watching the athletics? Did you see Mo Farah in the 5km Just casually heading off from the pack to get some water And then effortlessly gliding back in He is a cut above the rest And clearly a little cocky But we like that in our athletes! There is no one that […]


I talk about being a twitter pest and great opportunities

30th August 2015

Wahooo another bank holiday weekend The thing is I don’t really benefit from bank holidays like the rest of the employed world I can of course give myself a holiday whenever I like That’s the benefit to being self employed But it also means that I often end up working When everyone else is frolicking […]

loaf of bread

I talk about ‘ditch the diet’ and going gluten free

29th August 2015

I promised yesterday that I would share with you an email I got from one of my lovely ladies in DTD We have been working on her health now for 15 weeks She’s made amazing progress Here is her journey so far in her own words.. ‘When I first came to the group I was […]


I talk gratitude, bumpy rides and progress

28th August 2015

Every night I fill in a journal and a gratitude log I do this so that when times get tough And if there is one thing we can rely on in life Is that it won’t always be a peach So we can pretty much strap in for the ride Cause it’s going to be […]

Winding road

I talk about your ‘story’ and reality

27th August 2015

I got this email from my mentor yesterday And it hit me hard Like a punch in the stomach But that’s what I pay him for To tell me the truth And make me think about my decision and reasons for my actions And also to teach me a thing or two In fact I […]


I talk about fears and what is holding you back

26th August 2015

Sometimes our fears are legitimate For example I think that my innate fear of spiders Is protecting me from those giant flying monster spiders in the rainforest that have poisonous fangs and the like So I don’t appreciate it When spiders invade my home My place of relaxation Of late there has been an influx […]

Heart icon

I talk about short cuts and magic pills and potions

25th August 2015

Stop looking for shorts cuts and magic pills This morning I got a question from my client, Mandy She asked me with a hopeful tone… and I quote ‘I read that hot honey and lemon helps you to lose fat faster, do you think it works?’ My automatic response was to punch her in the […]


I talk about trust and doing your research!

24th August 2015

Let me paint a spicy picture for you Post BBQ where we ate the most delicious sausages And a variety of other decadent delights The men decided to compete over who could handle a scotch bonnet the best For those of you whose lives don’t include insanely HOT chilli peppers… Scotch Bonnet chillis are widely […]

Endorphins rush from training

I talk about training and long term results

23rd August 2015

This draws to a close my first week back at training I feel a bit tired and worn out With achey muscles But ultimately I feel good and energised The first hurdle in any new venture…. No matter how seasoned you are Is going to be a struggle As soon as you start feeling the […]


I talk about the basics, the basics oh and the basics!

22nd August 2015

Yesterday I met with a very good friend of mine We met at a party a few years ago And he told me that I should drink vodka Straight up No mixers WHAAAAAAT Oh ‘add ice’ he said Perfection apparently Perhaps he didn’t mean the vodka That I was used to drinking at uni Aka […]