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I talk about hormones and health

21st July 2015

Our health is a somewhat unknowable entity We can feel healthy and have something terribly wrong That hasn’t manifested Or shown any symptoms yet Or we can feel awful on a daily basis But there really is nothing physically wrong Most of us lie somewhere in between It’s probably more of a spectrum anyhow Some […]


I talk about national ice cream day and that nasty evil guilt

20th July 2015

Did you know That yesterday Was national ice cream day? It’s the third Sunday every July When I discovered This valuable gem This delicious nugget of information I hastened to add ice cream to the shopping list Now I know, I know Ice cream is sugar And sugar is the devil (That is sarcasm by […]


I talk about open water swimming and when opportunity knocks

19th July 2015

A new facility opened up locally yesterday They had an open day It’s a triathlon hub Where you can swim in the lake Have a quality coffee And slice of homemade cake Or if you so choose You can beast yourself on the wattbike In their fancy new studio As a special open day treat […]

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I talk about personal training and what YOU get

18th July 2015

I have a friend Who has recently been undergoing Some personal training She lives in London So I’m not about to wax lyrical About my own services here! She has been sending my messages That have made me Stupendously happy And re-ignited my belief In what I do as a profession Sometimes It gets hard […]


I talk about 90 day goal setting and why I failed

17th July 2015

90 days ago I set myself some goals I set them in the areas of Business Body Balance Being This is the first time I have done this And I’ve failed Pretty much in all areas And reflecting on my approach I can see my mistake easily I was not SPECIFIC enough I was not […]

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I talk about nutrition and too much information

16th July 2015

This internet of ours Can be both blessing And curse There are literally hundreds Of thousands Of blogs Articles And journals On nutrition alone Every single one Has its own interpretation When you read my emails You are within My interpretation Of the world around me You choose to read them every day And that’s […]

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I talk about lying, health and happiness

15th July 2015

What is the biggest lie you are telling yourself right now? I know what mine is! You might not feel confident enough To admit that you are lying to yourself That’s ok For now But it catches up with you Ill share mine with you first then My biggest lie Is that I’m content with […]


I talk about broken promises, accountability and I get hands on

14th July 2015

How many days do you renege on your promises to yourself? I scheduled in time yesterday morning To go to the gym to workout I woke up at 6.15 as planned Heard the rain And thought Sack that off! I’m not walking to the gym in the rain Luckily I’m in a position where I […]

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I talk ice cream, cake and wimbledon mens finals

13th July 2015

Did you watch the Wimbledon mens final? I caught snippets In between ice cream And cake I was at a birthday party From what I could gather They were pretty evenly matched Stroke for stroke They are both phenomenally gifted And talented tennis players This prompted a conversation about the prize money An astounding £1.88million […]

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I talk about negative ninnys and game of thrones spoilers

12th July 2015

I was watching game of thrones the other day I managed to get my hands on season 5 Finally! It’s pretty darn epic I watch very little TV But I do like the occasional box set So spoiler alert Don’t read on if you don’t want to know Some of the plot The scene that […]