To the beach

I talk about taking breaks, surfing and sleeping in airports

31st July 2015

I’m off on holiday today I’m actually flying as I speak to you now If we left on time that is 6.50am Urgh What a beast of a time The journey Was horrible I had to get a train to stansted airport last night I got here at 11pm or something  like that And dozed […]


I talk about stress, travelling and clothes

30th July 2015

I packed my luggage for Spain And the depressing reality is That I have only packed a weeks’ worth of clothes And I have nothing left What kind of girl am I eh? I have enough clothes for ONE week I’m down to my work and charity t-shirts Until I go tonight! Perhaps a shopping […]


I talk about email and I value your input!

29th July 2015

I’m experiencing writers block I’ve written a daily email For approximately 121 days Well 122 now that you’re reading today’s I think that’s pretty good going Being able to speak on my specialist subject For 122 days So its time for some feedback I want to know What you think I want to know If […]


I talk about other people, rainbows and unicorns

28th July 2015

One of the big battles When trying to lose weight Is getting other people to understand Not that they have to But some part of us Wants them to take it as seriously as we are And their support Can really help Especially when times get tough Which inevitably will happen Sorry my love But […]

Heart icon

I talk about regret, aches and pains and doing what you love

27th July 2015

Perhaps my fear of doing long bike rides Was there for a reason I hurt today In places I forgot that I could hurt My achilles are the surprising ones Ouchie And I felt my legs giving up As I tried to run upstairs Regrets? Of course I’m kidding I don’t regret riding those 35 […]

Cycling news

I talk about cycling and our fears that hold us back

26th July 2015

The lesson from today’s email is about worry And strife Human beings Worry SO MUCH About EVERYTHING I’ll give you an example Yesterday Elliot asked me to go on a bike ride with him I haven’t been riding my bike For a year Other than the occasional commute into town So 25mins here And there […]

I talk about learning piano, failure and your wolf pack

25th July 2015

My autie sent me an adorable video the other day It was my cousin Who is 3 Learning to play the piano And being utterly delighted with it The sounds And the experience When we were 3 We had no worries We didn’t think that we couldn’t do something We just tried And if we […]

Challenge your direction

I talk about Ant Man and what you can learn from a convict

24th July 2015

Elliot convinced me to go and see Ant Man yesterday I was pretty hesitant I do usually like marvel comic films But I’d never heard of this one And with the extortionate cinema prices Being what they are [don’t get me started on that one!] I had originally decided to pass on this one Well […]

Sweet treat cupcake icon

I talk about free content, junk food and being outraged

23rd July 2015

Goood morning I’m in high spirits today I had a good old breakfast Pumpkin pancakes – delicious I watered my vegetable garden And then sat down to write this email I was casting around for something to write about When I noticed that ‘National junk food day’ Was trending on twitter So naturally my curiosity […]

Brick wall

I talk about progress, tracking and success stories

22nd July 2015

A lot of progress can be made just from doing the basics Without much tracking Or monitoring Sometimes I find it a bit much To be tracking calories Tracking weight Tracking macros Tracking my food and mood Sometimes it’s necessary But in most women I find that I can get them to make some seriously […]