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I talk about the caffeine buzz and what’s staring you in the face

30th June 2015

I do love a good ‘this is what my client did today’ story I maintain that I love my job Sure it has ups and downs But I get to work with people And I choose these people I screen these people To make sure that I spend my time on people Who will listen […]

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I talk about being out of action and being born equal

29th June 2015

I have a lovely friend called Mindy She is an incredibly active lady And a supremely successful business woman In many ways I aspire to emulate her success Mindy is always trying to better herself And I have great respect for that She is no stranger to putting herself into challenging situations And learning a […]


I talk about feeling beautiful every day and I pitch blatently

28th June 2015

Blatant pitch time Here it is The last chance to get on the transformation project Here is what you get Your confidence will rocket and you will feel like a different person as you lose weight, tone up and shape your body2.You will not be giving up wine, chocolate or cake because I don’t restrict […]

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I talk about respect and I invite you to unsubscribe

27th June 2015

I have new ideas all of the time Some of them are good Some of them are bad And some of them stink The beauty of running a business Is being able to try out new things Test the waters And bring great projects to the loyal people Who support and respect my work And […]


I talk about psychics and monster munch

26th June 2015

On Sunday I attended a health fayre Ok ok It was a psychic + healthy living fayre Initially the poster caught my eye Because I saw psychic and thought pahhhhhhhahah Then I saw healthy living part and thought Hmmmm Perhaps I could do something with that So I set aside my preconceptions And gave the […]

Drinking alcohol

I talk about getting drunk and learning a lesson or two

25th June 2015

Getting utterly gazeeboed On my recent jaunt to Lanzarote I decided to have a beverage And then another one And then another one And then some more I am not a drinker I just don’t really like how alcohol tastes There are a few drinks I can hack Mojitos Pimms Pina colada Amaretto Although sadly […]

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I talk about ‘game of thrones’ and winning the war

24th June 2015

Who had a cracking fathers day? We bought Game of Thrones box set for my dad That was his request I just pray to gawd That I don’t walk in when it’s at one of those naaasty sex scenes Total embarrassment ensuing I can just feel it in my bones! If you haven’t seen Game […]

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I talk about the business of dieting and I get aaaangry

23rd June 2015

Diets are taking over If you’ve been reading my emails for quite a while You will know that I am vehemently anti diet In fact I run a course called ‘ditch the diet’ But that’s for another email altogether So it saddens me And angers me When I see people endorsing diets And going so […]

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I talk about ‘eating clean’ and eating cake!

22nd June 2015

[News flash] I eat cake A lot of people think That I eat ‘clean’ all of the time We coaches have this reputation you see That we are some sort of super human who can resist the urge to eat all of those yummy foods What does that saying even mean to you? Eating clean? […]


I talk about leftovers, gaining weight and dating giants!

21st June 2015

Dining with your other half can be a confusing experience We are mostly aware of portion sizes now But are we making sure that we are getting what we need As an individual It’s especially difficult when you have a 6’5’’ partner who eats like a horse And has hollow legs And doesn’t store body […]