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I talk about the truth, our lies and our reality

31st May 2015

The truth will set you free Its hard to admit when you are failing Or feeling rubbish We are trained as a society to lie We lie about how we feel every day We tell each other that we are fine And we carry on Knowing that inside we are feeling like crap And lying […]

Endorphins rush from training

I talk about being lean, the common man and more Ironman!

30th May 2015

Last week I spent a lot of time looking Really looking And I suppose, evaluating Being in Lanzarote was interesting There were around 1800 Ironmen and women there Ready to take on one of the toughest races in the world And man o man they were fit people Even the goddam trees were lean But […]

Cycling news

I talk about ironman and doing ‘the work’

29th May 2015

The main purpose of my trip to Lanzarote was in support of my dad and uncle They do this crazy thing called Ironman Of course my secondary purpose was holiday When opportunity knocks, and all that! Anyhow An Ironman involves crazy distances 3.8km swim 180km bike 42km run (a marathon) As if the rest wasn’t […]

To the beach

I talk about perspective, the horizon and drama

28th May 2015

Holidays are great Not least because of the surplus of sun, sea and ice cream They give you time to reflect Think on what is important As I gazed upon the horizon From my luscious hotel room With sea view Blatant brag Sorry, not sorry! I was overcome with understanding and clarity You see when we […]

Winding road

I talk about your journey and an awe inspiring chap!

27th May 2015

My email yesterday was designed to be a thought provoker To stimulate your emotions Get you all riled up And ready to rock If something is simmering away under the surface Ready to go Then embrace it It’s a journey And its long There are no quick fixes But I’m sure you know that by […]


I talk about common beliefs, perfection and visible abs

26th May 2015

Do you think your friends and family would let someone talk to you Like the way you talk to yourself I’ve noticed a trend We are ridiculously hard on ourselves How common is it to hear this ‘I am so fat’ ‘I am so ugly’ ‘I am worthless’ ‘I wish I were different’ ‘I wish […]


I talk about the pain of change and seatbelt extensions

25th May 2015

We are curious beings We will put up with a lot We seem to find solace in suffering sometimes Only that can explain perhaps why we let our conditions deteriorate Often we use the excuse of being embarrassed for putting up with certain circumstances Just watch embarrassing bodies And see how long some of them have had their symptoms Or we claim we are too tired We have too little time We have other commitments So we simply can’t take responsibility for what should be our primary concern Our health Our health feeds everything It controls how we feel every day So it affects everything that we do Why is it then that we are so loathe prioritise it I was listening to a podcast the other day That opened my eyes to this some more Do check it out if you are interested in this topic It’s an eye opener It got me thinking that Until something comes along That is stronger than our will to remain the same We will remain the same To change The pain of staying the same Must outweigh The pain of change For example If you want to lose weight Because your clothes aren’t fitting any more You’re getting out of breath going upstairs Everything is feeling that little bit harder You are starting to dislike what you see in the mirror Or you have for some time now! All of these things are powerful but are they powerful enough? What would force you to make that change? Having to ask for the seatbelt extension at the airport? Not being able to run around with your kids in the park? Being scared that your health habits might transfer down to your kids You are their hero They want to be you So if they see you binging on chocolate and take away Puffing on cigarettes Avoiding exercise and green vegetables What do you think they are going to choose to do when it comes down to it Is that a strong enough motivator to practise wellness To embrace health and fitness Not everyone has to be a gym bunny […]


I talk about being scared, being super woman and being published

24th May 2015

Being afraid is normal We are human We have it programmed in to us to be afraid We want to avoid things that give us pain But somewhere down the line We got this warped sense of what pain really is We terrify ourselves about change We are paralysed by the fear of the unknown […]


I talk about 8 tips for reversing a negative mindset

23rd May 2015

And build a strong confident new version of yourself ·        Forget what EVERYONE else is telling you focus on you you’re the alpha dog the numero uno no one can lead you astray and at the end of the day you will know it’s your responsibility · Do take responsibility for where you are now but know that every decision that you make from now on can be the right ones ·        Keep a gratitude log EVERY NIGHT write down all of the things that you are grateful for that day so that you don’t forget just how awesome your life actually is right now ·        Read that journal/log in the morning so that you programme your brain to think positive things at the start of the day if you think shit when you wake up you’ll think shit all day ·        Learn something every day invest in some books, some podcasts (usually free) and start teaching your mind to open and expand with knowledge did you know that if read 100 books on a specialist topic and digested the info you could become one of the top 10 experts in that field in the world – check out my twitter feed for some personal recommendations (Michael Heppell) ·        Accept that to change you have to change and work hard every day to instil new positive habits into your life – it could be as simple as drinking more water every day by investing in a great new water bottle – those bobble ones are quite cool! ·        Surround yourself with people who want to support your journey so that you can count on them to pick you up when things get tough cause that’s life my friend it’s not always easy to do it alone. Don’t just rely on your facebook friends ·        Be prepared to do the critical work on your mindset and your body to create what you want not the stuff that you feel like doing the stuff that matters and makes the difference If you are not comfortable implementing the above Then consider asking for help from someone who can Nicola ‘ready and waiting’ Rossell PS – Don’t miss out on the FREE sessions being run in Leicester during ‘this girl can’ week Stay tuned for more details […]

Fitness, dumbell

I talk about a local campaign, beautiful bodies and change

22nd May 2015

Our local council is working pretty hard on a project They are launching a campaign Getting behind the ‘this girl can’ concept I have been working with my contact on the council And they’re doing a cracking job of pulling together a programme Just for us ladies To take advantage of lots of free sessions […]