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Because I’m Happy

16th March 2015

Clap along if you feel like happyness is the truth! I was walking to work the other day I try to walk now as much as possible because walking seems to trigger my deepest thought processes And its also a great form of exercise AND stress buster! There is nothing more effective to the body […]


How to be happy: naked lake swimming?

11th March 2015

What do you do to relax your mind and feel free and happy? I just got back from a mini break We drove across to Wales to visit a friend who lives in the mountains It is a gorgeous place to visit and offers so much in the way of activities and sights and just […]

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I eat AS MUCH as I physically can

10th March 2015

Eat less and move more – a concept that is popular in the media But just how does this apply to real life? Before I went solo with this PT business I worked for a commercial gym So I was exposed to a LOT of other personal trainers Everyone has their own style and approach […]

Learning and education

Stop sending me maths problems!

7th March 2015

To all you smartie pants’ After my mathematics email the other day I got a few smart Alecs sending me maths problems Cheers for that! Well I suppose I did ask for it ;-) And you can be happy that I was stumped Maybe I am as bad as I previously thought ;-) Well I […]

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Leap of faith

6th March 2015

Don’t be afraid to take chances Its not often they come around again Before xmas, I saw an advert for an online magazine They were looking for writers I applied, not for one second thinking that they would accept or even consider me as a guest writer All of their staff are fully qualified journalists […]

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Negative self talk

5th March 2015

The power of your words and thoughts is incredible I’ve always had a bee in my bonnet about maths I remember in primary school being so confuzzled by numbers that I tried to cheat on a maths test When I went out to the bathroom I spotted a calculator on the table and I tried […]

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How badly do you want to survive?

3rd March 2015

Survival in the wild is not all that different to surviving in life I watched that Bear Grylls programme the other day where he is teaching celebrities how to survive in the wild Some of them are pretty useless But I know I would be almost equally as bad I hate creepy crawlies I run […]

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Progress isn’t always what it seems

2nd March 2015

‘Progress for progress sake must be discouraged’ Anyone know where that quote came from? I was prowling on facebook yesterday I rarely do this nowadays because I don’t have the TIME ;-) Geddit? Read yesterdays email if not! Facebook is one of those things that I refuse to qualify my time for, If I have […]