Challenge your direction

I talk taking action, adrenaline and Roger Federer

31st March 2015

I am habitually a thinker Much less of a do – er My thoughts ping pong around my brain Its like a ferocious game of tennis between federer and nadal! Sometimes its hard for me to catch up I think something one second Then I forget it instantly the next Despite being convinced in that […]

To the beach

Have a break, not necessarily a kitkat

30th March 2015

I took a break over the weekend I went to visit a friend in London It was great I didn’t have my emails I didn’t have any work planned And I could switch off and relax and let my mind free I realised that I have been working pretty hard on things of late This […]

Endorphins rush from training

How fast could you run if a tiger chased you?

29th March 2015

What are you motivated by? Easy question right? Usually I get pretty generic answers though I don’t want to feel ill anymore I want to be confident I want to fit into an old dress I want people to notice me again Our motivations for doing something usually come from two places We either do […]

loaf of bread

I told you so

28th March 2015

I got real frustrated with my dad today Then I had to step back and take a breath Sometimes I forget that it’s not about when I am ready for someone to change It’s all about when THEY are ready to change My dad is training for an Ironman triathlon He’s done them before And […]

Cooked fresh chicken - protein

Don’t eat yellow snow

27th March 2015

Or out of date salmon I don’t just like to write I love to read too I particularly love fiction books especially Harry Potter I also read science journals and other PT blogs because I like to hear what people have to say And their opinions Because that is what writing is, someone’s opinion on that topic Unless they are simply relaying facts So take what you read with a pinch of salt always I was reading a blog post from a PT for whom I have great admiration Phil Learney An absolute giant in the fitness industry and a very grounded and logical individual based on my perception that is I respect his opinions and his blog resonated with me so I thought I would share it for you to form your own opinions He talks about happiness and being comfortable and content I am happy in my life There are days where things don’t quite go my way For instance I was up all night last night being sick Not my idea of fun Nor is it optimal for getting a quality night’s sleep But through the night I was using mind tricks to focus my mind elsewhere Because I needed something to distract myself from the stabbing pains in my tummy And I have learned the power of the mind recently from an amazing book Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within We can pretty much programme our minds to tell us what we want to hear So if you ask ‘why me, why oh why?’ You have asked a despairing question, so your mind will give you a despairing answer ‘Probably cause you’re a bad person and you deserve to be punished!’ Ok that’s a little harsh, but you get the idea! So in my agony as I tossed and turned and shivered and sweated I developed a little mantra ‘It’s not real pain, think of something happy’ Which I repeated to myself over and over Invariably I would focus on a good memory or a time where I felt happy recently and used that as a proverbial shield I realised that it was not hard at all to focus on good memories or feelings I have a lot of great people in my life People who make me smile, laugh and love People who contribute to making my life great and whom I hope feel that reciprocated The pain was still there for sure […]


Too much information

26th March 2015

How much of the information that you see can you actually use? Or know HOW to use? Most people have social media now Facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in etc I don’t know about you but I am bombarded with information about dieting, training and recovery I am well aware that I do add to this […]

Winding road

If it were easy ….

25th March 2015

I love training people, I get to test peoples thresholds every day I like knowing that they tried their very best I had two separate conversations this week about training that resonated with me One client expressed her disappointment at not being able to complete a set (yes ONE set) which subsequently lead to a […]

Heart icon

Today I expose myself

24th March 2015

I think being honest about your weaknesses is 100% the key to turning those weaknesses into strengths If you are honest with the people in you life about what you want to achieve What you are trying to do Those people will help you in your quest The most liberating thing I did this year […]

Fitness, dumbell

Work ing Hard or Hardly Work ing?

23rd March 2015

I have the great luxury of meeting lots of new people in my line of work Some people come and go And some stay and endure into lasting friendships For which I am eternally grateful I like to observe behaviour And examine cause and effect Of course as an observational study my conclusions might be […]

Cycling news

The theory of marginal gains part II

22nd March 2015

How could a new hypoallergenic pillow help you? Following on from yesterdays email I got a bit ranty I know, I know But I had just received an email from a client of mine Great lady But man oh man she beats herself up something rotten Covered in emotional bruises is that one! And that […]