The Biggest mistakes I’ve made

30th December 2014

How many times have you done something, worked on something, spent time on something, made ‘important business decisions’ and its turned out to be an utter pile of crap!? We all make mistakes! Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small, it happens to everyone but no one talks about it! The mistakes tend to […]

Learning and education

Follow no nonsense good advice

27th December 2014

If you find someone who gives you no nonsense good advice then absolutely make the most of it! It will not come around often, there is a lot of really really bad advice, out there in this age of the internet where anyone and everyone can post their thoughts up as fact without any references! […]

Cold, snowflake, winter

Stuffing yourself like a turkey on Christmas Day

23rd December 2014

Festive eating is sometimes a bit challenging, here I break down a few points to help you enjoy your Xmas day eating without stuffing yourself silly We all do it, we love to indulge over the festive period, we’re good all year right??? So we deserve this indulgence especially on Xmas day! This blog isn’t […]

Drinking alcohol

Drinking over Christmas – Indulgence Part 2

19th December 2014

Do you love a Christmas tipple? What does your typical Christmas day involve? In my experience most of us will have done a combination of the following festivities… Xmas Timeline Waking up with a sore head from Christmas eve antics – usually drinking ‘santa’s brandy’   Popping open the bucks fizz mid morning for the Christmas day toast […]

Cold, snowflake, winter

Eating over Christmas – Indulgence Part 1

Are you prone to a bit of festive indulgence? Lets be honest! Aren’t we all? Xmas starts in November now with your enthusiastic work colleagues bringing in their delectable goodies to bring some Christmas spirit to the office! First off the Stollen bites get passed around and we have a cheeky bit, or two or […]

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Janet Fletcher: a fitness success story

17th December 2014

Rossell Fitness Personal Training success story Featuring: Janet Fletcher Janet 14 months ago … Now I see a lot of these transformation pictures where people show how much progress they made and some might say that the power of these images has become diluted. But I feel that when someone has worked incredibly hard to achieve […]

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Mummy Rossell’s Birthday Celebration

16th December 2014

Let them eat birthday cake I am always learning lessons from situations that occur around me… And this is one that I’m sure is relevant to most people out there! Eating out for a family meal I know a lot of people who would feel uncomfortable going out for a meal God forbid eating a […]

Blogs about good ideas

Pay it forwards

13th December 2014

Has someone helped you out recently? Maybe you got some good advice? Perhaps someone put you onto a sweet short cut that has made your life easier? Have you read something that made you go ahhhhh ha, that’s gold dust! Let me tell you a story about me.. I became a personal trainer because I […]

Award trophy

Antoin Akpom Awards Foundation

7th December 2014

Who is Antoin Akpom? You may have heard about a young football coach who was stabbed to death in Leicester last year, Antoin Akpom. If you didn’t you can get the gist of the story here. In Antoin’s memory, his mother Cheryl has set up a foundation to recognise young coaches, music teaches, dance troops […]

Award trophy

Chase the Yeti Adventure Race

1st December 2014

Hold on to your hats, I won something waaooooo I’m not even going to apologise for the blatant self promotion because this is literally the ONLY time in my life that I am going to win a race. I’m not being self deprecating, just realistic. I love sports and being outside but I don’t want to […]