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Do you have a sweet treat tooth?

29th November 2014

Are sweet treats ok? What do you consider to be a treat when it comes to food? This is entirely subjective of course but I wanted to share my experiences and what I have learned along my journey with food discovery! I love food, I’ve not always loved the right foods but the more I’m […]


Inspiration, find your driving force!

Inspiration and how it is key in achieving your goals This is a bit of a change of pace, I like to keep this blog a bit varied topic wise and I think finding your inspiration is key for what is going to drive you to achieve your goals. For what is going to get […]

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A bit of perspective was all that was needed

Perspective, or hindsight, its relatively easy for us to look back and identify our mistakes! BUT sometimes its hard for us to see things clearly and our feelings over come us and we spiral downwards and feel like this period of time is never ending. My good friend Eli Thorogoood has some great blogs on […]

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White Tiger Nutrition Awareness Group

Nutrition Awareness for the General Public White Tiger Nutrition Awareness programme is not your average weight loss programme although we perhaps appear so on the surface; Yes we do meet weekly Yes we do share and discuss the food from the last week Yes most of our members come along because they want to change […]

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Fad Diets Taking Us Away from Health

Fad diets: have you been taken in by the promise of rapid weightloss? Do these diet fads sound familiar to you? Weight watchers Slim fast milkshake and supplement diet Slimming world Jenny Craig Cabbage soup diet Mars bar diet The apple cider vinegar diet The baby food diet The macrobiotic diet Body by Vi Herbalife […]

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Simple Nutrition Swaps

Try these simple nutrition swaps in your food and see what a difference it can make to your life Top 10 foods to include in a healthy diet Oily wild fish (salmon, mackerel) Avocado Free range Eggs Green Leafy Veg (Spinach, Kale, Collards, Pak Choi) Total Greek Yoghurt Nuts (almonds, macadamias, walnuts, brazils) Grass fed […]

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Your food and the 80/20 ‘rule’

11th November 2014

I understand where this idea comes from, the need to factor in treats, to be somewhat flexible and to give you that piece of mind that you can have the biscuit with your cuppa tea, you can have that piece of pumpkin pie at Halloween. More often than not, adherence to a nutrition plan relies […]