Rossell Fitness RECHARGE
Ladies Personal Training Programme


I am looking for just 3 MORE Leicester ladies who want to recharge their motivation, recharge their energy, and recharge their weight loss results in time for summer 2018

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Fill in your application today to put yourself in the running for one of my coveted FINAL 3 spaces for SPECIALIST weight loss AND LIFESTYLE coaching

You'd be a perfect fit for my coaching programme IF....

  • You are FED UP of feeling stuck in a rut with weight loss and want your life to change, you don't want to YO-YO any more and you want to take action RIGHT NOW!
  • You feel grumpy, tired and annoyed all of the time, and you snap at your husband and kids when you don't mean to and you want to reclaim your energy and boost your moods!
  • You have tried diets and weight loss plans before, but nothing seems to work long term and you find yourself back where you started every January and every summer
  • You are at the end of your tether and feel lost, alone and confused about what to do. You feel like it might never happen and that you might never have the body that you want (and you feel your health slipping away)!
  • You came accross my videos and you thought my approach sounded interesting and different and you KNOW that there has to be a way to do this that doesn't feel like you are giving up the things that you enjoy
  • You don't want the kids to follow in your footsteps and grow up with low confidence. By taking charge of your health and fitness, you are showing them that this is IMPORTANT and that you can do it together as a family!
  • You want to RECHARGE your motivation, your confidence, your energy and your weight loss STARTING NOW!

Click the button if this sounds like you, and you want to put yourself in contention for a place on the programme that is changing the weight loss reality for ladies around Leicester!

Yes, I want in!